What Happens When Nothing Else Does

Driven by an engagement with materials, the group looks to question progress at the present time. This graduate exhibition of CIT CCAD Masters in Art & Process features the work of Maria Ferreira, Fiona Kelly, Christine McAuliffe, Anthony McGrath, Mary McGrath, Peter Nash and Caroline Schofield.

Terminal Convention teaser

Terminal Convention was an ambitious hybrid event that inhabited the disused terminal of Cork Airport, Ireland, for two weeks in March 2011. In the visual art strand of the programme, curated artists were invited to create pieces that were more or less specific to the building where they would be exhibited. The resulting film, Terminal Convention, considers these new arrivals in the light of their surrounds.

Adham Faramawy: Art Trail '09

Adham Faramawy’s mode of image making is resolutely representational. Rooted
in a fixation on culture, allegory and the fantastic, he expresses ideas
concerning transmissions of knowledge demonstrating fluid or floating

Vivienne Roche: A Light Interlude from the Pulpit

What happens when a church ceases to be “a church”? What happens when clergy no longer speak to congregation and responses to the clergy fall silent?  - Vivienne Roche


Tom Climent: MA exhibition

By looking at a painting as an object, focusing on the actual physical structure of a painting, the stretcher and canvas, this becomes a template for the creation of a new body of work, one that contains the presence of structure, a container for being. - Tom Climent


Lorraine Neeson: A Certain Slant of Light

Challenging how the viewer perceives and experiences the space, Lorraine Neeson uses film, photography and the architecture of the building itself.