Evolution of Close Double Stars

The concept for this piece is based on the phenomenon of close double stars, where one star slowly moves towards another. A star often has a companion, and if these two stars are close together, they can interact. The surface of the bigger star approaches that of the other star causing the former to distort and wobble. Even if their surfaces are not directly touching, the stars are in contact and can produce sounds from humming to drumming, from whistling to rumbling through their vibrations. The frequencies must be artificially boosted to bring them into human hearing range. Evolution of Close Double Stars is closely related to the sound of a new star which oscillates rapidly, discovered by Astronomer Donald Kurtz called HR 3831.

8 minute electroacoustic composition for tape and video. A collaborative project with composer Irene Buckley.


  • Crash Ensemble, Engage Festival, Bandon
  • Night Leaves Breathing, Filmbase, Dublin
  • Kaleidoscope, Odessa Club, Dublin
  • Sonorities, Belfast
  • New York Electroacoustic Music Festival