Grist to the Mill

In 2011 Clúid Housing Association commissioned Mike Hannon to direct and facilitate a process-based community art project at Mill Court, Bandon, a sheltered housing scheme. The residents of the scheme had indicated they would be interested in engaging in a photographic project. Mike gave a 3 month series of intensive workshops, where each of the 19 participants was given a camera, instructed in its operation and introduced to the work of some significant art photographers, from the inception of the medium to the present day.

Each week the participants were given a “homework” assignment that related to the topic of that week's workshop. In this manner, they quickly built up a significant body of great work that covers a staggering range of genres and approaches, including street photography, portraiture, diary, photomontage and social documentary.

Grist to the Mill presents one image from each person as well as a half hour film by Mike which explores the photographers' experiences of their photos and the creative process.