Terminal Convention

Terminal Convention was an ambitious hybrid event that inhabited the disused terminal of Cork Airport, Ireland, for two weeks in March 2011. In the visual art strand of the programme, curated artists were invited to create pieces that were more or less specific to the building where they would be exhibited. The resulting film, Terminal Convention, considers these new arrivals in the light of their surrounds.

Characterised by extended static takes and reflective, deliberate edits, the film is by turns mischievous and poignant. The terminal is again devoid of people as the artworks obliquely converse, and the air is heavy with the weight of all that has passed through and on.

The exhibition was curated by Peter Gorschlüter and produced by Paul Sullivan. Terminal Convention was commissioned by Static Gallery, Liverpool.


  • Static Gallery, Liverpool
  • Corona Cork Film Festival

Featured artists

  • Adrian Williams
  • Le Pavillon
  • Palais de Tokyo/Paris
  • Hannah Pierce
  • Jacqueline Passmore
  • Douglas Gordon
  • Peter Norrman
  • Ross Dalziel (Sound Network)
  • Nevan Lahart
  • Rosa Barba
  • Fred Pradeau
  • Martin Healy
  • Pádraig Timoney
  • Shane Munro
  • Juan Cruz
  • Diane Guyot
  • Imogen Stidworthy
  • Seamus Nolan